Utah's most capable print company

“...The binders and tabs your team produced were presented to our national executive teams today. All of them, from the Chairman down, have had nothing but great things to say. Just so you know, that isn’t easy to do…you have now knocked the socks off the Leadership twice! So, to sum it up, WELL DONE! ”

Brand Manager
Construction Industry

Full-Service Premium Print

Jeff Alexander first founded Alexander's Print Advantage in 1979. Since then this Utah printer has grown to become a full-service premium print company.

With over 100 employees, our teams operate 24 hours a day, 6 days a week out of our 65,000 sqft production facility located in Lindon, Utah.

Our services include every kind of print job—small and large, traditional and digital. From books to banners, posters and post cards we can do it all at Alexander’s.

What Makes Us Different?

Clients have been coming to Alexander’s for nearly 40 years for innovative print projects. We constantly look for ways to merge technology and print. Our experienced and tech-savvy team allows us to easily scale into large automated print programs and other comprehensive marketing campaigns. This has given Alexander's the fierce reputation for punctual service, and innovative solutions such as, web to print portals, print automation, and specialty print finishes. By leveraging our experience with the latest technology, your projects will always stay ahead of the competition.

Our Clients

Alexander’s has evolved to be much more than a printer. Many of our clients see us an extension of their marketing department. We work with hundreds of industries and clients from across the globe to deliver creative marketing concepts. We know that our clients depend on us. That's why we are constantly striving to learn and improve. Our success can be found through the amazing success of our clients. In fact, we're proud to work with some of the most talented teams and companies in the world. We fully believe that we succeed when you succeed. 

Global Reach

Alexander’s is the only member of the International Printers Network in Utah, and one of the few IPN printers in the Intermountain West. Through IPN we can collaborate with more than 50 printers worldwide and service clients around the globe, greatly reducing shipping and warehousing costs.