Trade Paperback

<strong style="text-align: center; color: #eb3c00; font-size:155%; line-height:145%; padding-top: 20px;">Our services include:</strong> <ul style="color: #eb3c00; font-size: 130%;"> <br> <li>Both soft and hardcover books</li> <br> <li>Black-and-white, full-color, or combination printing</li> <br> <li>Shipping to you or to your customers as needed</li> <br> <li>Perfect, coil, case, or spiral binding</li> <br> <li>Short or long run book printing</li> <br> <li>Digital text storage</li> </ul>

Alexander’s provides full-fledged digital book printing for all of your publishing needs. Whether for publishing houses or self-publishing authors, we provide high-quality digital books printed on-demand and in-house. Even one-off books will have the same great quality of all our products!

Our on-site process means all of our books will get printed, bound, cut, and shipped right form our Lindon facility. Whether we send them back to you or out to your buyers, your books will reach their destination sooner. To learn about the most common binding types and styles, go here.

Print your next book run with us for fast, high-quality digital printing!

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