IPN Global Affiliate Partner

As part of the International Printers’ Network, Alexander’s collaborates with more than 50 printers worldwide. This greatly expands the firm’s service area, allowing Alexander’s to reach every U.S. state and dozens of foreign countries.

As part of IPN, printers and marketers around the world form a brain trust, sharing technology and information to benefit one another within the exclusive network.

What does this mean to you?

As the only member of IPN in Utah, and one of the few IPN printers in the Intermountain West, Alexander’s can connect you to printers with similar technology in other states and countries, helping reduce your shipping and warehousing costs.

Perhaps you’re holding events in various countries or need a rush print job done in some remote location? With our IPN global capabilities, we can help.

For example: We had a client presenting at a conference in France. He arrived at his hotel hours before his presentation only to find that some of his pre-shipped printed materials were stuck in customs. The client called us in a panic. We immediately contacted our IPN partner in France who happened to be located just 45 minutes from the conference location, sent photos of the finished products and shared design files and order information. Within two hours, our client had replacement materials in his possession. He was completely ready to go despite the unexpected delay of some of his printed materials.

Alexander’s will utilize its IPN partners to help you get quality solutions when and where you need them. Period.