Monthly Archives: May 2014

Alexander’s customers and friends at the 2014 Customer Celebration

Each year we thank our customers by throwing a big party. This year, our annual Customer Celebration luncheon was a chance to celebrate 35 years in business. Here are some photos taken in our photo booth in front of the 1979 Alexander's logo. Thanks to everyone who came and has continued to support us through…
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Why visual communication is the most powerful

This week we’re sharing an incredible infographic from Wyzowl that highlights the power of visual communication. Whether we like it or not, communication is becoming geared around images and visually stunning graphics and designs, which means written text and spoke words take the backburner. As marketers, advertisers or business owners, our communication must be strongly…
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5 Mother’s Day Gifts Your Mom Will Actually Appreciate

This Mother’s Day, give your mother a gift that will actually last. While she may appreciate a scented candle or a gift card for her favorite restaurant, we’ve got five affordable printed gifts that are sure to remind her of fond memories and help her make new ones. Why settle for generic gifts when you can…
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