16 Dumb Grammar Mistakes to Avoid [Infographic]

We all make little grammar mistakes, but what about those pesky grammar or spelling rules that we all get hung up on, like the difference between affect and effect?  You've probably asked yourself the difference between the usage of whom and who a time or two, right?

The infographic below, from Shortstack, offers the help you need to feel more confident when it comes to grammar. Probably all of us have sent a memo or an email with typos, but these 16 grammar and spelling rules will ensure that your grammar and writing mistakes aren't a result of ignorance.

Further vs. Farther
Further is used to indicate figurative distance while farther is used to indicate physical distance.

Who vs. Whom
Who refers to the subject of a clause while whom refers to the object of a clause. For example, "Who has a better YouTube channel -- Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel? They're both funny, but whom do you prefer?"

Best of luck writing those blog posts, emails and memos. For more grammar and writing tips, click here.

Avoid these grammar mistakes

Don't get caught making these dumb grammar mistakes!

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