Book Promotion Tips for Authors

It's exciting to write a book, but it's even more exciting to share your book. After all, that's why you became an author. Regardless of whether you choose to to print traditionally with a publisher, or self publish, consider these great tips for book promotion.


Bookmarks are a great way to easily pass along information about you and your book. When designing a bookmark, be sure to use the same themes from your book cover to create a recognizable brand. On the back, provide the appropriate contact information so your readers can interact with you on social media and spread the word! Because readers will naturally need bookmarks, this is a great way to help your reader keep their place while keeping you in mind. In the event that the bookmark is loaned to a friend or left in a library book, even better. Bookmarks are a convenient way to access your readers, and reach more potential readers.

Business Cards

Though you may not think that an author needs a business card, this is actually another great way to reach out to readers. Business cards are small and portable and their standard size easily fits in a wallet or purse so you can always have a few on hand, and so that your customers can easily tuck them away. As with your bookmark, include elements of your book cover. If you have a double sided business card, try using your book cover image as the front, and storing the important information on back. Be sure to print these professionally. A business card says something about your product, and the quality of the card will hint at the quality of your book.


A one-sheet is a single page information sheet. On the front, promote your book cover, the blurb, and author information. If you have a double sided sheet, consider displaying an excerpt from the opening of your novel. An excerpt can provide the hook that convinces your reader to purchase your book. One-sheets can easily be passed out at events such as book signings, or places you speak such as conventions and schools.

Social Media Banners

In addition to print advertising, invest in social media advertising. Creating appealing banners to post on your author Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages will generate attention for your book, and circulate your brand. Be sure that when you are hosting a blog tour, you have a blog tour banner that your host bloggers can post on the day of introduction. Eye-catching visuals help spread the word about your book.

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If you aren't sure where to print your products or how to design your promotional materials, we can help. We print for professional publishers such as Covenant and Cedar Fort. We can print for you too. Explore our book printing page to learn more.

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