Creative Print Ads That Hold No Punches

creative print adsAt Alexander's, we strongly believe that there are no limitations to the impact print can have when done right. Creative print ads can be some of the most compelling visuals, but those that do it right know that good print advertising isn't just a way to catch the eye. It is a way to create an experience and a deep mental interaction with the brand. This is the true way to carve your brand into prime mind real estate. Take a look at some of the creative print that captured our attention!

Creative Print Ads

Creative print pulls at the emotions and sticks to the memory. The magazine ad by Rademar below does both of these wonderfully.

creative print ads

Posters can often go unseen and are easily glanced over. Marketing rule #1: Be where your target audience is. Sometimes, literally.

So you're printing on a billboard? What a perfect opportunity to think outside the box, like LEGO did with this ad.


Creating print ads that actually show function will help increase the stickiness of your ad in consumer minds. Check out the magazine ad below:

links handcuffs

Ads like this can pop out even more with some of Alexander's spot varnish or digital foil technology.

BONUS: This ad shows function through the campaign message of helping create smarter cities. How could you NOT pay attention to something that you're using everyday on your walk to the Subway?

sign wall

So now that your creative juices are flowing, take a minute to think about some of the marketing messages your company has been creating. How can you get your message across more creatively? How can you tap into the everyday life of your target consumer? How can you stun them, shock them, engage them? What will they remember you by?

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