Eye-Catching Training Manuals for Borboleta


When most people hear the words "Training Manuals" they imagine thick tombs of text-thick pages that will take many dull hours to read. However, Borboleta proved training manuals don't have to be boring. Instead, by created an eye-catching, varnished manual made affordable by using Alexander's Print Advantage digital varnish and short-run print.

Cover Varnish

Borboleta's logo includes a blue butterfly, which they used as inspiration for the training manual design. Not only was Borboleta able to mimic the gossamer shimmer of butterfly wings by selecting a light weight ice pearl cover paper, the effect was intensified when varnish from our new MGI machine was added to each watercolor butterfly, droplet, and the title. Below, you can see the beautiful, yet subtle flash of wings made possible by digital varnish application.


On Brand

Borboleta was able to stay on brand throughout the training manual by continuing the theme of butterflies and watercolor. By printing on a lightweight gloss paper, this company was also able to achieve professional, photo-finish quality while carrying the glossy theme of butterfly wings through each page.


Spiral Bound

A training manual that sees a lot of use is best served spiral bound. Spiral binding allows for the book to easily lay flat or fold back.


Interested in printing eye-catching training manuals for your employees by using the power of MGI JETvarnish and iFOIL? Contact us today to get started.

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