How we evolved from printing to cross-media marketing

Since opening our doors in 1979, Alexander’s has gone through countless changes. We’ve seen a lot of trends come and go in the printing industry and so today we thought we’d highlight some of the history of printing and the way we’ve integrating marketing into our business over the years.

Printing is one of America’s oldest manufacturing industries, with roots dating back before the founding of our country. While the word print may not spark thoughts of cutting edge technology, it actually has a track record of being a consistently growing and evolving business. Think about it this way, print was the original disruptive technology that brought information and education to masses of people. Throughout most of history the print industry has seen increasing profits and provided thousands of good jobs within not just the American economy, but worldwide. The print industry is roughly a $640 billion industry, outstripping the auto industry in size.

So what does this mean for our customers? Print is still alive and it’s still effective. However, we’d be naive to think that print alone will do the job. That’s why we’ve integrated full-service marketing, public relations and digital marketing services into our business. Whether you print notebooks, books, user manuals, large format signage, or business cards with us, we believe in giving you the best marketing to go with your printed items. Our print consultants won’t just guide you through the best practices of printing, they can help you with design and messaging to make each piece we produce for you effective.

At Alexander’s we believe in delivering value to our customers. We're not like Walmart. We're like Nordstrom.

We don’t want you to come to only print a few business cards or make a few brochures. We’re here to help you market, message and deliver quality products that make you successful. Depending on your individual needs, or your company business model, we offer a wide range of services to support or manage your marketing. So before you plan to print marketing collateral, make sure that you’re optimizing your marketing efforts.

Contact us today for any help with print, SEO, event management, social media management, direct mail strategy, and more. We’re here to make your marketing more effective.

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