5 Print lessons to learn from the Golden Globes

So if you were like most Americans, you watched Tina Fey and Amy Poehler host the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards. It was so exciting to see who/what the stars were wearing or wait in anticipation for the announcement of Best Actor or Best Picture. It probably didn't cross your mind to think, "What would the Golden Globes be without PRINT?"

Good thing we are here to show you:

The Presentation...bleh

Golden Globe Presentation

Sometimes creating the right atmosphere is all about the "Awe" factor. By creating larger than life displays the Golden Globe event committee 'sets the stage', so to speak, for their attendees. The celebrities know what is expected of them from the moment they walk past the arches until the moment they leave for the after party. Not to mention all of those "access passes"...too many to put X's on.

Red Carpet ...boring


Go ahead, look up "Golden Globes" on Google and count how many times you see a picture of a star in front of "Golden Globe" signage. Event signage is essential to success. If you want your attendees to tell their friends where they are. Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are all highly visual social media channels. Try and find one photo of a celebrity at the awards show without some small piece of Golden Globe signage hidden in the background.

Cue Cards....what?

Golden Globe Cue Card

Bet you didn't know they still use these things! Well here they are. In order for the press to get it right, these cue cards provide a reference point. The committee is prepared with the pre-printed template and then, as soon as the winner is announced, they complete the cue card for all the publicity shots.

Other materials you might have seen during the awards show include the "Je Suis Charlie" signs given to celebrities to support those in France.


Or perhaps the magazine used in the North Korean skit.

golden globes

Award Envelopes...nope


What is an award ceremony without the award envelope? At this point you might be thinking, sooner or later they will switch to a tablet device right? WRONG! There is something so fulfilling and climactic about popping open the sealed envelope with the winning cast, composer or actor on the inside. Imagine what would happen if they accidentally swiped before they finished reading the list of names? Or what if they had to put in a code before the name winner was revealed? What if they forgot the password? So we keep things simple. Print the Envelopes.

After Party...don't even think about it

Golden Globe After Party

How do you know the after party is ACTUALLY going to happen. You print it! How many times have you missed an event reminder on Facebook or forgot to check your email for that Eventbrite invite? Printed invitations will probably never go out of style, they hold so much more information then what is printed.

  • By printing an invite you send the message: I cared enough to print this in advance.
  • By printing on quality paper you send the message: this event is pretty special so make sure you dress appropriately.
  • By packaging the invitation creatively you send the message: Pay special attention to what is in this invitation, it is VERY important.

Oh, so you're not going to be hosting the next Golden Globe Award Ceremony? Well, what about your next convention or banquet? Make sure you have all the print supplies you need. Fill out the form below so we can help you plan your next convention, banquet or award ceremony. We can even print the awards if you want!

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