Print and fulfillment services: How we save you time and money

You probably already know that Alexander’s helps clients with print and marketing needs. But did you know we also provide warehousing and fulfillment?

Although we usually print-on-demand for clients, occasionally we’ll print and store certain kinds of materials. More often, we store additional promotional materials like logoed apparel and promotional items. Part of our 45,000 square-feet facility is dedicated to fulfillment and shipping.

When business owners or managers need the items we’ve got stored, they place their order online using our Divvy software. We then pick, package and ship the order in a matter of hours or days.

Our fulfillment services mean clients don’t have to worry about the warehousing and fulfilling of products, saving them valuable time and money. Our process is efficient and quick. Clients receive the materials they need exactly when they’re needed.

For example, let’s say a frozen yogurt franchise location hires some new employees and wants to order new signage for seasonal flavors or promotions. They log in to Divvy, place the order for everything they need, including location-specific customization, and pay for the materials. The order goes into our system, is fulfilled and quickly sent on its way.

The franchise store is happy because they get what they need, when they need it. And the franchisor is happy because their franchisee is happy and they don’t have to take care of fulfillment.

Take a look through our facilities through this photo tour and see for yourself how our fulfillment process works.

Step 1: Production

Alexander's printing

Alexander's printing

Step 2: Warehousing

Alexander's warehousing

Alexander's warehousing

Alexander's warehousing Alexander's warehousing

Step 4: Delivery

Alexander's shipping

Alexander's shipping

We’re confident we can help you grow your business by fulfilling your orders. Contact us today to talk about how we can meet your printing, warehousing and fulfillment needs.

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