What Paper Weight Should You Print On?

You've designed a beautiful project, and you're ready to print - or so you think. You may be surprised by the questions a printing house asks when you decide to print a project, including what weight of paper you'd like. But, what is paper weight, and how does it effect your printed project?

Paper Weight Basic Info

A single sheet of 20lb paper does not weigh twenty pounds, right? So where do the numbers come from? The weight is actually derived from 500 of the sheets stacked on top of each other and weighed. Usually, the thicker the paper, the higher the weight. However, weight can also depend on the type of paper employed, since different types of paper are weighed in different sheet sizes.

Paper Weight Cheat Sheet

20lb Bond (50lb Text) - Weighing about 74 grams, these types of paper are what you'd expect to use in your everyday copy machine.

24lb Bond (60lb Text) - Ever wonder what weight of paper is used in your office printer? These are a common choice. This lightweight paper (weighing 90 grams) is affordable, and great to use in the office to print basic materials that will shortly be edited, recycled, or filed away.

28lb Bond (70lb Text) - Weighing in at 105 grams, this type of paper is ideal for brochures and presentation pages because it folds so nicely and is flexible. When printed 2-sided there is minimal show through.

32lb Bond (80lb Text) - This paper weighs in at 120 grams. It's also ideal for brochures and presentation pages, while the slightly heavier feel gives it a more professional edge.

67lb Bristol - Weighing in at 145 grams, this paper is often confused for a light, flexible card stock. It's a great choice for self-mailers.

90lb Index - This durable card stock has a smooth, firm surface, and weighs in at 165 grams. As the name suggests, this weight is ideal for index card and filing system materials.

65lb Cover - Need to print postcards, menus, or posters? This sturdy 175 gram paper is a great option!

110lb Index - Weighing 200 grams, this paper is just a little heavier than the 90lb Index, and makes a great material to print tabs, dividers, and manila folders.

80lb Cover - This 215 gram cardstock is commonly used for business cards and other professional materials.

140lb Index - Need a heavy, professional look? This paper weighs in at 255 grams and can handle heavy weight applications.

100lb cover - Weighing in at 260 grams, this paper is a heavy card stock that's commonly used for announcements or invitations. It's also a popular weight to print adult coloring books on, since the thick pages help prevent transparency and bleed.

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