Our marketing department at Alexander’s has been stressing the importance of search engine optimization, a practice I have been unfamiliar with until recently. Search engine optimization is a process where you modify your website content in order to increase its rank on search engines like Google. Essentially, it helps you drive traffic to your website, and extends your reach to more people online by appearing more relevant to search engines.

Even though the in-depth processes of SEO seem daunting, I’m beginning to realize how helpful and effective SEO can be. In the past few weeks I’ve discovered 3 easy SEO steps to optimize your online content. I’d like to share them with our readers, especially those who aren’t SEO gurus.

1. Think of relevant words before you start creating content

If I’m writing a blog post about how Alexander’s helps franchises automate the printing process, I want to make sure that I use searchable words that relate to franchises throughout my post. I also need to think about words that are relevant to people looking for print services for their franchise. So, before you start writing content, think about words people would type into Google to find your services, then make a list of 20 or 30 words you consider to be searchable and relevant to your topic.

2. Use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Once you have selected words that you think will be relevant to your topic, use the GoogleAdwords Keyword tool. Enter your words to see how many local and global searches these words actually yield. You may find that people aren’t searching for “franchise printing” but they actually type in “printing for franchises.” Google Adwords will tell you what words people use when they search for your topic, and give you the right words to use as you write your content.

3. Incorporate words into your writing and link those words to your website

Once I discover that I want to use words like automated printing and printing for franchises, I will use them in my post, and link the words to pertinent pages on my website. This way someone who reads my post has easy access to Alexander’s website and can find more information about services that can automate printing for their franchise.

Incorporating searchable keywords, and linking them to your website content is a crucial way for potential customers and clients to find you online.

Effective SEO includes much more than just keyword research. If you need additional help optimizing your website, our team of marketing experts can help. Contact us by filling out this form or calling 801.224.8666. And if you’re interested in receiving a free SEO report from Alexander’s, complete this form and then watch your email inbox.

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