stop watchI have been in the print and communication business a long time. On each project, the most important thing to me is helping friends – also known as clients – succeed.

One thing I’ve learned is that projects have a tendency to become rush jobs. That’s just the way business is done now. All of you are up to your eyeballs in work, trying to do 50 things at once, still trying to meet your deadlines.

That’s where we at Alexander’s step-in. It’s our job to make things happen quickly–to get your job done on time.

Here are a 5 tips that help us meet your deadline:

  1. First thing, make sure we have all of the specs you need: quantity, finish size, 1- or 2-sided, paper preference, full color or spot colors (and if they are spot colors, what is the PMS number of each one?), how does it bind, does it fold, etc. You get the idea, the more details we have, the quicker the process.
  2. When sending a file that we need to be able to open and look at, the quickest and easiest file is a PDF.
  3. When we send you a proof, the quicker we get it back, the quicker we can move forward with your project. Our number one goal is to get your project back to you on-time and looking great.
  4. Make sure we get specific delivery instructions. If you don’t have an account with us, make sure we get credit card payment at job’s end.
  5. Lastly, if you know a particular project is coming up and has several pieces or parts to it, let us know ahead of time so we can let everyone on our team know, so they’ll be ready to help with the project.

We appreciate our clients and work tirelessly to support them. After all, we know that we succeed when they succeed!

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