Since Alexander’s began as a copy shop way back in 1979, our capabilities have evolved far beyond simply making copies.

Some clients and prospects are unaware of the all the products and services we now offer. As a comprehensive cross-media communication firm we have a team of more than 60 people working full-time to help solve marketing and communication hurdles.

Branding strategies and graphic design are among our many communication specialties.

Branding is about words and images used to represent your company. Since your brand is the way people will recognize your company, it’s something that needs to be strategically created and managed.

Our marketing department works with clients every day to help build brands and create the right messaging to reach relevant audiences. Quality marketing is driven forward by strong brands.At Alexander’s we make sure to do the following 3 things when creating brand solutions:

Determine the message you want your brand to send

What product and service do you offer? What are you known for? How do your customers and clients view you? All these questions, and more will help you determine what message you want to send. For Alexander’s we help people succeed through print and marketing services. So our message and tagline are simple: We succeed when you succeed.

Be consistent

Make sure that all your company materials, online posts, and messages tie back to your brand messaging. Your brand needs to be clear and understood inside and outside your company.

Create an emotional response

Getting people to care is increasingly difficult in this world of information overload. Good branding creates emotional responses to your product, service, or business, and these emotional responses push people to act.

As for me, I love to observe the creative inception of a brand because of its strong tie with design. Every day our team of designers creates logos, builds online and print advertisements, designs client newsletters, magazines, and other collateral material. A lot of thought and strategy goes into this process as well. If you’re trying to implement design into your business consider the following three tips:

1. Use color wisely

We all know color draws people’s eye toward an advertisement, but overusing color can create unattractive visual noise. Select two or three complementary colors to start with, and work from there.

2. Utilize white space

Without white space, viewers get distracted and won’t pay attention to your design. Be sure to consider how white space helps organize information across the page.

3. Consider the Z-formation layout

Our eyes naturally move across the page from left to right, top to bottom. When you are laying out your information and images, be sure to consider the way people naturally view a page or advertisement.

So whether it’s brand development, brand management or any other design needs you may have, we’d love to help.

Jeff Conley

Jeff Conley

Jeff Conley, print and marketing consultant, has worked in the print industry for more than 20 years. Contact Jeff at [email protected] or 801.224.8666. You can also visit Jeff on , LinkedIn, or click on the icons to the left to find Alexander's on other social platforms.

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