Many businesses may not realize that the most effective place to advertise is in their own store. In store signage helps increase foot traffic and capitalize on impulse buyers. When done right, it can bring tremendous value to a business; but getting it wrong can actually repel customers.

Don’t make some of these common mistakes. Get your in-store signage right the first time.

DO your research

Do you know who your customers are? Understanding your target market will help you design the messaging and style of your signage. This requires research and planning. Take the time to research your audience so you’ll know what to say and how to say it.

DON’T over do it

in store signage

Keeping your signage simple can be a complicated task. Poorly designed ads can become cluttered, confusing and just plain ugly. Hiring a designer will ensure that your ads have visual appeal along with being understandable.

DO establish your brand

Any advertising, whether in store or outside should strongly reflect your brand. Make sure to use your logo and colors so that your advertisements can easily be associated with you. Straying from your brand colors can be confusing.

DON’T forget about readability

When designing signage try to imagine the perspective of your audience and choose fonts and colors that will make it easy for them to read and understand the message.

DO look at your competition

Your competitors can inspire you. Gauge the reactions they get from their in store signage. This can help you identify weaknesses in your strategy or help validate your strengths.

DON’T be cheap

People can recognize a discount print product. Cheap signage looks bad, and it makes your business look bad. If you want to show your customers that your business understands value, invest in high end printed signs.

Contact Alexander’s for more tips on designing effective in store signage. We want to help you succeed.



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  • You made a great point about making your sign readable. A business sign is not only meant to attract a person’s attention, but also inform them about what you do. Any passersby who sees your sign without being able to read it would be less likely to go to your business if they can’t read your company’s name, or description. Fla shyness may easily catch someone’s eye, but sometimes it’s best to leave the font looking a bit plain for it to be easy to read.

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