Do events fill you with excitement, or stress?

Turn the later into the former by getting quality materials, displays, and advertisements for your next event or trade show when you need them.

Recently, LucidChart met up with Alexander’s to get all their event printing needs met in one location.

Event Printing Necessities:


  • Pull-Up Banners – Visible on the far left. Freestanding vinyl banners are portable, flexible, easy to set up, and reusable. Pull-up banners are a great way to use limited space while leaving a huge impact.
  • Table Throws – Catch attention with custom designed table throws that brand your booth and make your company stand out. Use your own art, as LucidChart did or, if you don’t have access to a designer, one of ours can help you.
  • Banners – Banners are a great way to become visible in a crowd. LucidChart’s banners, hung at the back of their booth, are above eye level, making them easily visible for those standing at the back of a crowd.
  • Easel Signs – These small decorative signs give valuable information to potential clients as they browse the booth. Use them to display a powerful call to action.
  • UV Glossed Fliers – Spread word about your company in style. Choose from a variety of papers and finishes to get a look and feel that will impress your potential clients.
  • Stickers – custom stickers can be used to hold rolled fliers closed, seal envelopes, or simply handed out to get your brand name spread and noticed.

Looking for one place to print all you need for your next event? Contact us. We’ll give you the print advantage.



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