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Participating in a trade show or convention is a big investment in time and money. Any company forking over for costly booth space will need to draw a crowd in order to recuperate its costs. Luckily, there are many different ways your business can setup, design, and print displays for your convention booth. Here are a few examples of creative displays we made for Yesco’s annual Sign and Lighting Convention:

Many of Yesco’s convention materials this year were designed with an Egyptian theme in mind. Yesco has often used the image of a man with a hardhat as part of their primary branding. To bring this logo to life, they redesigned the image to resemble a Pharaoh.

Yguy_v1_2pharoah 22

Next, we built Yesco’s popup pyramid stands to build upon their convention kingdom. Creative print products, like these, help construct themes that engage attendees, while fostering an atmosphere they won’t soon forget. Oh, the endless possibilities with foam core printing!


Yesco wanted to highlight its participating sponsors by creating a strong visual to put on different tables. Using foam core, we made these stands. Remember, the small things can make the biggest difference.
popup yesco

Now that you’ve seen what Yesco had us create for their convention, what will you do to make sure your booth stands out? (pun —most definitely intended) Let us know in the comments below. After you’ve thought of some ideas, contact us, and we’ll bring your ideas to life!



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  • Laurie says:

    There are so many different things that can be done with your convention booth to make it stand out. It is important to ensure to keep your booth on brand. Thanks for sharing!

  • I like the Egyptian theme in these exhibits! I think it is important to come up with a memorable theme. You want to remember your show after they are gone. It helps if you can leave something with your visitors also.

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