We recently worked with Title Boxing, a fitness club with an emphasis on boxing exercises, as they underwent some rebranding. With over 100 locations in the United States, ensuring brand consistency at each club posed a unique challenge. Title Boxing needed to find a way to make sure their new branding strategy permeated the organization nationwide.

Alexander’s had previously worked with Title Boxing to create a Divvy site where franchisees could order whatever collateral they needed, when they needed it. A Divvy site is a brand-customized site that allows an organization to order print collateral that has been specifically created for their brand.

Since Title Boxing already used Divvy systems to manage their printed collateral, we simply took down all the old collateral and uploaded everything that matched the new brand. In an instant, every Title Boxing club throughout the country had direct access to the most current print material available.

The next obstacle Title Boxing club faced was communicating the accessibility of the new content to each franchise. We notified all the Title Boxing franchisees of the newly branded material through an email campaign so they could log in and order the new material with the click of a mouse. Every franchise was reached and had access to what they needed.

At Alexander’s we not only provide technology solutions that enable companies to maintain brand consistency, but also give them a tool set to push their company branding with high-quality print and digital material. Organizations such as Title Boxing that are spread over large geographical areas face complex problems in keeping company-wide unity. We specialize in helping organizations solve brand marketing issues. Our mission is to help others succeed, and we have been able to help Title Boxing take a step forward through the use of Divvy.

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