Alexander’s Team Member Celebration Lunch 2017

December 2016 was the best sales month in the history of Alexander’s! To celebrate, our CEO Jeff Alexander hosted an employee appreciation lunch for our over 60 on-site team members.

Or, rather, a fiesta! We threw a fiesta last year for our clients, and wanted to have one as well.

Talented bakers and chefs at Alexander’s treated our team to homemade fajitas, flan, and horchata—much to our delight.

We also had a decked-out lemon cake showing off Alexander’s and our subsidiary companies, Divvy and MyCanvas, as a reminder that we are more than simply printers.

Along with the great food and company, this celebration stood out because of our fantastic clients. We not only appreciate your business, we count you as friends. Likewise, we hope you Alexander’s as a company full of friends and people you can count on when you need print, marketing or technology solutions. We can’t wait for our upcoming customer celebrations! We’re excited to show you how much we appreciate your business with Alexander’s.

No matter whether you’re a newcomer or an old friend, we want to meet you and help any way we can. We would also be happy to brainstorm cross-media solutions or marketing strategies for any business hurdles you face.

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