Custom Product Boxes

As often as we judge a book by its cover, we judge a product by its box. A box can tell you a lot--or nothing at all--about what's inside it and about the company selling it. Design is incredibly important for conveying all this information. But it's not the only critical element of designing a box. Check out these custom product boxes to learn how we created the best possible packaging for CAM-EO.



CAM-EO needed a specialized box to fit their product exactly. With packaging only an inch and a half high, that's pretty specific.

Yet, despite their size, they make quite the impact.


Printing and Cutting

Since these are mock-ups to show this company what we can do, we created these product boxes using our laser cutter. Using our laser gives us the flexibility to try things out before or in place of creating an expensive and permanent die. It's perfect for companies still deciding what they want or how they want it.

We also hit them with our 4-color process on our HP Indigo press. The Indigo gives the design a bright, powerful impact, especially on that black background.

Finishing Touches



In our on-site printing facility, we rarely let anything go without giving it some sort of signature Alexander's touch. In the case of these boxes, we used a soft-touch laminate on the material. Soft-touch feels just like velvet, and makes it difficult to stop touching, handling, or holding the boxes. That's great for touch marketing!

We also used our digital spot UV varnish on the longer product boxes. That makes these even more eye-catching and fun to handle.


Want more packaging ideas? We have some great ones here!

You can also contact us today so we can get started creating innovative, unique packaging for your product and business!

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