When Should You Use Digital Spot Varnish?

Are you looking to add more “wow” to your printed pieces? Do you want your pieces to increase attention and engagement? If so, you should think about using spot varnish. Spot varnish helps your pieces do more than just look stunning, but feel amazing as well.

What is Spot Varnish?

Spot varnish is a coat of clear ink that adds texture and/or shine to focused parts of the page. This printing technique encourages people to reach out and feel the piece. A process which has been linked back to impulse buying.

When Should You Use Spot Varnish?

However, despite its proven success, spot varnish isn’t for every piece. Here are the do’s and don’ts with spot varnish.

Do use spot varnish:

  • To emphasis the most important part of the piece. This can be a photograph or a crucial bit of typography.
  • To protect against fingerprints and damage from fingers.
  • To improve the colors in images.
  • Combined with design features to add interest to the piece.
  • On packaging, business cards, and other pieces to create a sense of importance and finesse.

Don’t use spot varnish:

  • In any areas where you want to write, such as the inside of greeting card or postcards. The coating can make it difficult to write.
  • For pieces that are large and out of reach, such as banners, posters, and billboards.

Spot varnish is the perfect way to help your print marketing collateral stand out. Whether you need business cards, POP stands, brochures, or flyers, spot varnish will give your materials edge against the competition.

Not sure if spot varnish is right for you and your project? Come talk with our team! We can help you decided if spot varnish will enhance your product or business.

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