UVU Pillow T-Shirt Boxes

Alexander's Print Advantage creates marketing collateral for a lot of well-known companies. But did you know we also create sports-related print for universities?

Utah Valley University, a local university, is one of our clients, and we love printing for them! They needed a way to package T-shirts. As always, Alexander's is up to the task--and we make this simple packaging look fantastic, too!

Creating UVU's Pillow Boxes

We love showing off how we create our printed pieces. Check out the video below to see how we created a T-shirt box for Utah Valley University.

In our video, you can see our process from start to finish. We used green foil to recreate UVU's sports slogan and mascot. The final result is far more eye-catching than just printing them.

Then we cut out each box and create folds with our laser cutter. Finally, we fold it, and it's ready to go!


We can do this for your business, organization, or university too! Contact us today to learn how Alexander's innovation and cutting-edge tech can make your print truly shine.

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