Make Your Advertising Stand Out with 3-D Signage

Alexander's has the capability to create amazing large-format signage for your business needs. However, it gets better than just brilliant printing or a spectacular finish. Alexander's can also create eye-catching and beautiful 3-D signage for your brand, product, or event. Your designs can literally pop off the wall!

However creative the design, two-dimensional promotions can risk becoming static. Static images without texture or extra dimension are more easily ignored. This is especially true at conventions or events with lots of signage from rival companies.

3-D signs stand out above the rest, both for interactivity with potential customers and for that eye-catching oomph you need to showcase your product at its best.

Layered 3-D Signage

Sometimes the most striking three-dimensional signs are also the simplest. For example, this design uses foam board to raise layers like text or important images and make them more noticeable.

You can also use different materials to create your 3-D effect, seen with this sign for Real Property Management. Layering their logo on glass not only makes it look modern and professional, but gives the letters and image a dynamic pop.

How Similarly, this sign for Divvy prints right onto a second, textured layer to help their name stand out above the rest.

Laser-cut Designs

Our laser cutting technology lets you add dimension in unexpected ways to your 3-D signs. For example, these letters cut out on textured paper let you layer different types, textures, or colors of materials on one another. You can also create designs to make interesting effects with light and shadow this way, building your clients' interest.


Re-Bath's paneled sign is a great way to showcase their "Before and After" capabilities. The way the panels stick out from the red background complements the colors and keeps even simple signage from becoming static.

The same goes for the dynamic sign created for Caller ID, published by Cedar Fort, Inc. The 3-D elements of this sign tell a story on their own, showing the characters fleeing outward toward the viewer. This creates not only interest from visitors, but helps establish a connection with a viewer seeing the sign head-on.



Simplistic but not boring, standees generate interest from every angle. Easy to assemble and easy to store, standees brighten a room at any size. Plus, they're lightweight and mobile for less hassle!

Tight on space? During events or in small spaces, you can combine stability with creativity and practicality. The Popcorn sign from above hides a surprise behind its design: falconboard shelves! Here, you might store fliers or forms, handouts, and giveaway items.

Standees are also great for events. If you have upcoming company or marketing events, give this sturdy and creative sign a shot!

Thinking Outside the Box

Signs don't even have to be limited in shape. Check out this arch created by Alexander's! Lightweight and sturdy, this archway provides an element of interaction with your audience. Letting clients and customers interact with your signs and advertisements helps your brand and message stick in their memories.

Also, you can use more elements than layers to add to your 3-D effect. This sign created for HireVue uses both glass and light to seize attention. If you go with an option like this, your customers won't be able to look away!

If your event has the space, consider letting Alexander's create a brilliant and creative sign that regular signage can't stand up to.


Whether for an event or for your office space, 3-D signage is far more engaging to your customers than flat, static boards or prints. Choose an extraordinary advertisement for your product or company today! We'd love to hear from you.

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