3 Paper Folding Techniques to Make Your Marketing Collateral Pop

As a marketer, you want to be sure your direct mail and promotional pieces wow your audience. Elements like color, calls to action and good design all contribute to the effectiveness of printed marketing collateral, but there’s nothing like impressive and creative folds to blow your customers out of the water. By utilizing different paper folds you can create and print beautifully dynamic, 3-dimensional pieces to help you drive better results. Here are 5 folding techniques to get you started:

Accordion Folding

Accordion folds (also referred to as Z folds) are simple zigzag folds that break your sheet into panels. The folds essentially turn a 2D paper into a 3D object, making your piece something unique and special. When a folded piece is put into a flat sales or marketing kit, it can spring out when the brochure or piece when opened, creating a dramatic effect for the user. If accordion folding isn’t enough for you and you really want to spice up your printed piece, consider using a die-cut design on the front panels of the accordion fold, which will add depth to it (see below). There are other countless ways to use the accordion fold, so check some other ideas here.

Gate Folding

Gate folds are typically symmetrical folds with two or more panels folding into the middle, allowing your printed piece to open just like a gate. When used in conjunction with other unique cuts, they add dimensionality and uniqueness to any collateral. They are especially useful incorporated into the message of the piece. For instance, one of our customers recently designed a gate-folded brochure that looked like the doors of their store-front. When the customer opened the brochure, they could browse a full catalog of the company’s products. The cuts and folds created a unique experience for the customer that was sure to be more memorable than the brochures of their competitors.


Roll Folding

Roll folding consists of inwardly folded panels that roll into each other. Roll folds add a unique design element to your piece but also allow for a more compact final product. Folding your piece like this is a great way to unveil information bit by bit.

If you’re looking for more fantastic folds, visit foldfactory.com for videos and instructions for creating impressive (and more complicated) paper folds. For printing and design support, contact us using the form below.

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