There are many factors that contribute to search placement and search engine optimization. A while back we posted about keyword research, but today we have 3 more tips to help you with SEO.

Use your keywords correctly

Keyword density should be about 3%, which means you don’t need to stuff your posts with the same keywords over and over again. Instead, figure out which keywords rank high but have low competition (use the Google keywords tool) and be sure to use those keywords strategically in you content. As we mentioned in our last SEO post, hyperlink phrases that contain your key words.

Keyword research should be done for all content you publish. For more permanent website content, be sure to periodically do keyword research so that you know your words have not become obsolete. It’s never too late to incorporate new and relevant search terms.

Write long, thorough and quality posts

It’s true, most people merely skim online content; the news, blog articles, Facebook newsfeeds, etc. However, if you want your blog post or article to have higher search engine placement, then you need to produce lengthier material. You may be asking, Well why would I write longer posts when people won’t read them? Give them something worth reading. If you are providing relevant, quality content you’re benefitting your readers. Not only are they more likely to read your content, they may also share it on social platforms.

Share, share, and share

Just because you post something, doesn’t mean people are going to see it. The trick to reaching key publics and target audiences, is sharing your content through various platforms. Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Reddit, Mashable, and more social sharing sites to distribute your content. Using appropriate keywords and relevant hashtags will allow the right people to find your content.

Search engine optimization is not simple, but integrating these methods will help you gain top positions through various search engines. If you or your business could use some help optimizing your website, newsroom, or blog, we can help. Contact us today.


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