Alexander’s: To 40 Years & Beyond

It's Alexander's 40th birthday this year! It's a time to celebrate 40 years of successes and challenges over the past four decades. As Jeff Alexander has joked, "[it's been] a 40 year overnight success."

To commemorate the last four decades, here are a few of the events that helped get Alexander's to where it is today.

In The Beginning

Alexander's buildings through the years

1979 in Provo, Utah. Jeff Alexander opened a print copy center. The center was equipped with a new late model duplicating machine. It could create two-sided copies. And also automatically sort them. That was a pretty big deal back then. Their motto, "Copies While You Wait."

The next decade involved moving and adding locations in Salt Lake City, Orem and Provo.

1987: Reaching the Heavens

The year of 1987 is a fun memory. Alexander's launched its Stars and Stripes hot air balloon. The balloon became an annual tradition on the 4th of July as part of the Provo Freedom Balloon Fest. Alexander's hot air balloon became one of the most memorable and iconic balloons in the festival.

Let's Get Digital

Xerox Docutech Printer

In 1992 Alexander's introduced digital printing with Xerox Docutech. A few years later in 1996, Alexander's brought in their first Indigo Digital Color Press. Four years after that they introduced Web-to-Print services. the start of automated printing.

The Rise of Technology

Technology rapidly developed all through the 2000's and it doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon. Alexander's has been along for the ride, adapting and seeking out new technology. By 2012 they become a completely digital company. No more offset presses. By 2015 even foil and spot UV have become digitally done with the MGI 3Djet Varnish.

With 40 years behind them, it's hard to fit the whole story. There are many more events and experiences that paved the way. Alexander's is grateful to each experience, employee, and company that have been a part of the journey. And Alexander's looks forward to continuing learning, adapting, growing and expanding; serving both national and international markets.

Timeline of Alexander's Print Advantage

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