If you’ve ever visited Alexander’s Print Advantage, located in Lindon, Utah, you’ve probably had the chance to try one of our famous cookies. Made in house, we offer these individually packaged cookies to our clients to show our appreciation for their business.

Custom Packaging

Each year, we update the packaging our cookies come in. Last year, we had this:


Printed on a flexible cardstock, this label folded over the top of the cookie’s plastic bag, and stapled together to keep the cookie safe and fashionable.

Designing Packaging

Much as we loved this design, we decided it was time to make the packaging a little bit more exciting with a few more colors and just a hint of a retro bakery flair. The new cookie labels., designed by our in house designer, went through several prototypes, including the three examples below.


With how many cookies we make and give away each day, we needed the design to be great, yet affordable. We all loved the top design, but the unique cut would have boost the time and cost it took to make each label. However, with a little bit of creativity, we were able to find a shape that was both fun, and affordable:

Final Design


This round design still kept the original elements we desired: fun, retro, and colorful. Printing directly on three inch round stickers meant that there would be no extra trimming cost, and that the labels would be easy to apply to each cookie.

Next, we needed designs for each flavor.


This fun, affordable, easy-to-apply packaging has been a huge success so far. Drop by Alexander’s today to see (and taste!) them for yourself.


Or, if you want to make some custom sticker packaging for your next product, contact us. We can help make your ideas into reality.



Alexander's is a full-service print and fulfillment and marketing communication firm in Lindon, Utah.

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