custom bookletsProfessional booklets have unique power to build credibility and convey information about an organization, cause, or product.

Think about the last time you flipped through an excellent booklet—one with compelling graphics and punchy copy text. Surely, you ended up with an added respect for the brand. Perhaps the company itself wasn’t even that large or successful yet; but, because of the professionalism of their booklet, you sensed that they might actually know what they’re doing. That is the power of custom booklets—and it doesn’t stop there. Booklets can do much more. Let’s take a look.

Showcase Your Work

Elite Home, a home security company, came to us to print a custom booklet which they designed to recruit sales employees. Throughout their book, they pair testimonials and statistics with bold, branded images to showcase their positive influence on both customers and employees. Working much like a tangible portfolio, booklets have the power to boast your strengths through a narrative that readers won’t soon forget.

Tell Your Story

When you open Elite’s booklet, you immediately notice that each page tells a story. Pieced together, that story frames the brand’s compelling history and image into something relevant to your readers. Remember, each business has story, a history, and a beginning. Through good storytelling, people can begin to understand what makes your brand tick; and, in a human way, feel more united to your cause. And how are some of the best stories told? That’s right—through books.


Sell Your Brand

In sales, digital ads and tactics can only get you so far. Most people agree, that face to face communication is the best way to sell ideas and products. In these situations, it’s always nice to be able to leave something behind with the potential customer that can be reviewed long after your sales pitch. Booklets allow your sales pitch or message to linger longer. Often, increased presence translates to increased sales. Here’s a reminder to leave them with a reminder.


So, now you see the irreplaceable power of booklets. How will your business put them to use? 

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