When picking out a restaurant to eat at, is your decision solely influenced by the food, or is often influenced by the feel of the place? Many people may choose a restaurant because they like the music, the decorations or it provides a nice place to chat and catch up with friends and family.

The restaurant with the most delicious food may not be the most popular unless it pairs unique flavors with a unique atmosphere. While there are many ways to do this, one technique we’ve seen work time and again are stretch canvas pictures.

Create a look only stretch canvas can deliver

There are so many uncontrollable variables in business, so it’s more helpful to work on things that can be controlled; like style.

Our local Winger’s recently approached us with their stylish idea for combining their menu of classic dishes with an atmosphere reminiscent of the good old days when people would come together over a delicious meal.

To help Winger’s keep the classic dining experience alive, we specially crafted over a dozen stretch canvas posters for their restaurant.



At 20 X 26 inches, these vividly colored posters transport the viewer back in time, and perfectly match the setting for the Winger’s diner.


Each one is securely wrapped around a custom built, wooden frame, so they are ready for display as soon as they arrive at the location.


Get the look you want in your business or home with custom stretch canvas pictures. Size and proportions are completely up to you. Contact us today for a free quote.



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