In today’s world where digital and online communications seem to run the business world, too many people leave print out of their digital marketing strategy. When potential clients come to us for marketing help they often ask why they should bother with printed collateral when we can create Web, mobile or email campaigns so easily? Our answer is always the same: print is effective.

We’ve talked about the need for integrating print on our blog before , but lately we’ve helped clients create holistic campaigns and found that the most effective campaigns are the digital combined with print campaigns. Statistics and studies show that most email marketing campaigns flop without having other touch points included, namely print and direct mail. Additionally, 67% or more of online searches are driven by offline messaging. Today we want to offer 3 more reminders why you should give print a second chance, and look for ways to implement it into your marketing efforts.

1. Email campaigns have a hard time standing alone

At Alexander’s, we love email campaigns. We think people should use them, and often. But without utilizing complementary messaging through print, and other lines of communication, email messages are easily forgotten, if they’re even read at all. All too often marketers use outdated contact lists to email, and then many of their emails get stuck in spam folders anyway. We think that email campaigns need not only be done right, but they should remind your target audience of other advertisements, direct mail pieces, and online messages that drive them to act.

2. Print supports digital channels of communication

It’s true that many people receive their information online these days. In our opinion, print is the ideal way to back up those online messages your business is publishing on the Internet. If you can send succinct and consistent messages across many mediums, your target market will not only better recognize your brand, they’ll better understand what you do, and they’ll be more likely to buy your product.

3. Print is robust and personalized

Sometimes new clients come to us with false notions about what print can do for them. They’re used to the old days of long-run printing, where every piece of marketing collateral was identical. Those days are gone. Today’s print technology allows us to create individualized direct mail pieces at high-speed rates and low printing costs. We can personalize names, URLs, and other information based on your needs. Not only that, our printers can print on almost any substrate, using a wide variety of inks. If you can think of it, it can probably be printed.

We guarantee that adding print to your marketing strategy will help your campaign be more effective. Let us know if you have any print or marketing needs. We’d love to help.



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