CMYKIn an ever increasingly digital world, print (great print), can make a statement. A remarkable print piece can inspire confidence. It can initiate action and convey messages that email, tweets, or text messages never could.

A good client of mine who has been tasked with re-branding a very large company handed me a business card this week. He was busy and didn’t have time to explain why he gave it to me. I held it, turned it in my fingers and gave it a couple of flicks with my thumb (all print fanatics do this.)

It was nothing short of the most elegant, professional, gorgeous business card I have ever seen. Printed on 24 point smooth cover stock, letter-pressed name and logo, I could, in my mind, practically picture the office it came from. It is, no doubt, a well-designed, modern suite filled with sophisticated décor. The staff meetings held there are brisk and to the point. Tasks by this firm are taken deadly serious and carried out proficiently in every instance. All the employees are impeccably dressed, well-mannered and efficient in every way.

Obviously I don’t know this for sure, but the care and craftsmanship put into their business card would suggest nothing less. I knew that my client wanted his business cards to carry the same impression, weight and sentiment that I had felt holding that card.

Print is tactile. Print is enduring. No one has ever said, “What a stunningly attractive email blast that was.”

I suggest that the next time you want to leave your clients, partners, or colleagues with something they’ll remember, print it.

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