branding is importantYour brand is alive; it is a living and breathing organism, much more than just a logo. Your brand is something that helps drive your company. Customers are motivated to visit a company because of a brand. Great branding builds customer loyalty and can even motivate employees to work harder, because they feel that they are representing something that is worthwhile. Branding helps you stand-out from the crowd.

It takes time to build a brand, most of the time you will not see results overnight, but in the end it’s difficult to put a monetary value on the importance of having a well thought-out, consistent brand.

Your logo is important because it’s the most visible part of your brand. It’s crucial to view your logo from your target audience’s perspective–what does your logo portray about your company? Is your logo delivering the message that you would like it to?

The most difficult part of developing a brand is to know your audience and to identify the unique benefits that differentiate your company from the competition. Your brand should deliver the message of those benefits to the audience. Once you have this, the rest is easy. It all hinges on consistency throughout the brand. Whether it’s a print, email, radio, TV, or social media campaign, everything must be consistent and clear, so that your employees can live it.

We know now more than ever the responsibility we have to help our customers protect their brand, which is why we are constantly adding new services to assist in doing this. Divvy, our web-to-print application, has helped many franchise and multi-unit companies protect their brand.

We recently acquired Codella Marketing, which makes us a full-service marketing communications agency. We offer our clients complete brand consistency from print and PR to any type of social media.
If your brand is not alive and thriving or if you are just looking to improve your brand, give Alexander’s a call today. Communication is truly transformed here at Alexander’s.

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