Building an online presence with social media can be time consuming and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

Today’s post is designed to help you manage your online presence efficiently.

In just 5 to 10 minutes a day you can update content and engage with others, helping improve your social presence, and increase your digital footprint.

Log in to your network of choice

If your aim for building an online presence is to boost your business, LinkedIn might be the best social network for you. However, maybe your products and services are design-based or visual, then you might want to look at Pinterest, or Instagram. If you aren’t sure which network will be most effective for you, spend a little extra time engaging on all channels and track the success of each to see where you should be spending most of your time.

Post something noteworthy

All too often people think they have to¬†create great content to share. While you should be creative with your content, it doesn’t always have to be original. Find relevant news articles, videos or other multimedia that you can post. Add some of your own commentary or provide supplemental information with your post. Whatever you post, make sure it’s interesting and valuable to your audience.

Comment on something someone else has shared

Online engagement is about having a discussion, and not performing for an audience. Post content on your own page, but take a minute to add comments to someone else’s posts. This is an especially effective tactic with LinkedIn where you can post to discussion boards and industry-based interest groups. Add value to your social networks by providing helpful comments, insights and feedback.

Connect with someone new

Building a network means meeting new people, so find your friends and business partners online, and reach out to others you would like to connect with.

Following these steps will lead you to a better brand and online presence. For help with social media marketing or digital marketing, contact us. Our team would love to help.



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