Every company needs a way to get their products into the minds of their potential customers. Some companies try cold calls, others advertising, social media, mailers or any combination of the all of them. We’re convinced the key to closing a sale is preparing your audience.  No matter what information you distribute to your target customers, or how you market to them, they’re still in charge. They want to choose the sale—they don’t want to be sold to.

Finding a way to show your customer that your service or product will improve their life is a great way to warm leads. This is where marketing pieces come in—creative collateral that gets your brand into the hands of your targeted audience in a way that feels natural and good.

We work with companies the world over on ideation, design, print and fulfillment of their marketing materials. We see countless creative promotional pieces come through our production facilities. Those that seem the most successful are the ones that aren’t blatantly pushing their product, but rather are connecting with the viewer, whether by entertaining them, telling a story, or being something really useful for them.

In order to help you warm your leads with improved marketing collateral, we’ve compiled a list of a few things to help you out.

Tell a story

One company we work with sells online education systems to schools. Rather than create a mailer or brochure explaining their product’s features, they created a picture book that tells a story about the company. It looks and feels like a real book, reads like a book, entertains like a book, all while being informative and persuasive. It creates an entire experience for their audience that is memorable and enjoyable.

Be useful

At Alexander’s, we like to create promotional materials that don’t look like promotional materials. Rather, they’re items that can be used time and time again by customers and friends. For example, using our own design and print team, we’ve created several types of journals and notebooks that we give to new clients, potential clients and old clients. They’re printed on high quality paper and have only a small logo and contact info on them, making them practical for customers to use. This allows them to have something useful while further connecting them with our team and brand.

Show your personality

Get personal. Customers, especially the younger generations, see through sales strategy. They want to know the real personalities and culture behind your company before they commit to buying your product or working with you. You can do this by creating employee spotlight videos, holding open houses, implementing a live chat feature on your website or increasing face-time with customers. Having a strong personal connection will create loyal customers who will share your brand and product with others, opening the door to new customers.

Evoke an emotional response

One of our clients, Iron Tribe Fitness, recently printed what they call an “Athlete’s Journal,” a record book for keeping track of workouts and dieting regiments. When used correctly, it provides invaluable benefit to their customers, helping them get into lose weight, improve their health and increase their lifespan. When customers can tie life success and emotional responses to items like an athlete journal, they become a brand advocate. Think of marketing pieces or collateral that will help your business create powerful emotions, connecting your customers to your products and brand.

For help designing your next marketing piece, contact us, we’d love to help.

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