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Before we get to deep into this post, we must ask you, "How many rewards cards do you have on your person right now?" This includes key chains, punch cards, gym passes, grocery, department store, etc. Personally, I counted about 6 but that doesn't include the stack I have on my dresser at home. One of my professors in college told us that you want to please/reward the customers that "LOVE" your product or service, convince the "SWING" customers and forget about the "HATE" customers. Loyalty programs and punch cards are a PERFECT way to attack your top two groups - love and swing. We will call them your All-Stars. These are the people who take their friends to their favorite restaurant to build up rewards or a free meal. All-star customers are those who think about which department stores or auto centers have rewards programs before they consider visiting other stores.

BYU's ROC Pass

customer loyalty

BYU fans are known for their school spirit and dedication, which made it all the more surprising when the athletic department noticed a decline in attendance and enthusiasm at sporting events. After researching the issue they discovered that there was a lack of unity among the fans, so to help bring the fans together they created The ROC Pass.

The ROC Pass is an evolution of the All-Sports Pass. It still admits pass holders into any BYU sporting event, but includes one specific perk: prime seating.

By simply creating a reserved section for ROC Pass holders at all sporting events, BYU formed a loyal team of all-star customers who are dedicated to the BYU brand. Their loyalty compels them to buy merchandise, and keeps the game's vendors in business.

Businesses in every industry may experience something similar; a lack of enthusiasm for a particular product or service. When that happens, a good course of action is to start a club, and here's why:

Customers want to be rewarded for their loyalty

Discounts; upgrades; gifts; these are all reasons a customer joins a club. They'll continue buying from a company so they can be rewarded with that free meal; or that upgrade from coach to first class.

Rewards don't have to be huge, but they should be obtainable in order for customers to join your club or loyalty program.

Elevates status

One of the greatest rewards a customer can acquire is status. ROC Pass holders feel special because they are guaranteed great seats at every sporting event, while other patrons may have to stand the entire game.

Being part of an exclusive club can also make a members relationship with others more valuable, like when businesses offer deals for club members and their guests. This doubles the amount of exposure a business gets while increasing their customer loyalty.

We'd like to help you create a team of all-star customers. Contact Alexander's for loyalty or club card ideas.

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