Why Direct Mail Makes the Most “Sense”

Even with the constant advances in communications technology, direct mail is still preferred by businesses today. Given the facts, it is clear why:

  • Direct mail produces a reliable ROI
  • Results are measurable and accurate
  • Direct mail engages all five senses

Along with all of the financial benefits, direct mail is preferred because it creates an experience. Our friends at KP explain:


Engaging campaigns made easy by Alexander's

Creating direct mail pieces that engage the senses may sound complicated, but at Alexander's we have everything you need to develop a quality piece that your customers will want to hold on to.

Whether you want to print on a unique substrate like metal or wood; ship an eye catching piece that plays music for the recipient; we can design, print and deliver it all for you.

Contact us today with your questions about direct mail. We want to help you market your business like never before.

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