“Printing on synthetics would be a great option for you.”

Did your printer tell you this recently? Did he/she explain what synthetics are? Or why you should consider it?

Probably not, but that’s why Alexander’s is Utah’s leading printer. We value giving our clients an edge with high-quality products and thoroughly explained information. So…

What are Synthetics?

Synthetics refer to the substrates that can be printed on – that isn’t the traditional stuff that comes from trees. Synthetic paper is a material that has been manufactured from resin. The process of developing synthetic paper is continually changing, offering papers made from plastics and other materials. Synthetic paper looks and feels like traditional paper but is more like a plastic film.

The more common synthetic papers are the following: polypropylene, polyester, polyethylene, polystyrene, and polycarbonate. These, however, are just a few of the several synethics available.

Why is Synthetic Paper a Great Option?

Synthetic papers are more durable and water- and chemical-resistant than traditional printing substrates. They can withstand the wear and tear of weather and offer a toughness that traditional paper cannot match. With puncture-resistant properties, synthetic papers are a great option for all kinds of printed items.

What Kinds of Items are Printed on Synthetic Paper?

A vast variety of paper products are printed – or can be printed – on synthetic papers. The most common include the following:

  • Menus
  • Signage
  • Direct mail
  • Manuals
  • Point-of-Purchase Stands
  • Roll-up Banners
  • ID cards
  • Book covers
  • Maps
  • Vinyl Bumper Stickers, etc.

The list goes on and on! We have found that clients who prefer to laminate their paper products transition the easiest to synthetic papers because of the similar feel and durability synthetics offer. While continual lamination can get expensive, synthetic papers provides labor cost savings. This is why so many businesses make the switch.

Is there something you or your business can benefit from with synthetic papers? Call Alexander’s. Our team can answer your paper and printing questions and steer you in the right direction with available options. Let us give your business an edge that your competitors can’t match.

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