Ever wondered about the process of companies setting up their trade show booths at a convention? Yeah, not really, we know … So instead of showing the process and hours of work behind setting up traditional booths, we’ve got a new, inexpensive trade show booth-in-a-box that is revolutionizing the trade show industry. We can show you exactly how it’s done and how fast and easy it really is. We even look good doing it.

Booth-in-a-box for Franklin Covey

Kelly Thompson is a sales consultant at Alexander’s Print Advantage and works hand-in-hand with tons of businesses for all their print collateral needs. He’s come up with the most cost efficient and shippable way to deliver that “WOW” factor to his clients without having to pay for expensive receiving and delivery fee’s. The way it works is, we ship your order right to your hotel. Conventions usually want to charge you to bring in anything more than what you can carry… but that’s the point: you can carry a booth-in-a-box effortlessly! Take a look at the video he recently sent to Franklin Covey to show off our newest “booth-in-a-box” design with a step-by-step tutorial to put it all together in just a few minutes.

What is the limit on creativity?

We are open to all ideas and all inspirations to create a display project that will stop any passerby. Alexander’s is always showing off what we can do at trade shows. For example, everything in our display above was shipped straight to our representative for Divvy by Alexander’s and he put it together himself. Easy, right?

We created this massive display for ExtraSpace Storage not too long ago. Tables, boxes, desks, all sorts of 3D display concepts are beautifully incorporated into this one of a kind booth. It was a big hit! We are always open to suggestions, but simply put, we can create a living room for you and your business to show off what your product can offer. After all, how can you sell a great product without great packaging and a great presentation?


If you are looking for a trade show booth that will blow away the competition, but still avoid brutal trade show fees, give us a call. 801-224-8666

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