Recently, UVU decided to give their Athletics Van a new look. Having worked with us on other projects in the past, UVU trusted us to give them a new vehicle wrap. Their original wrap, installed several years ago, was cracked, faded, and peeling.


UVU was looking for an updated design that was simple, but bold, and used only black, green, and white. Working in tandem with our head designer, their ideal van was designed.


Next, it was time to decide what type of vinyl to use: printed, or cut. Printed vinyl prints the colors and design directly to one layer of vinyl, which is then applied to the vehicle. Printed vinyl allows for a variety of color, and precise details. It looks clean, professional, and beautiful. However, because the color is applied to the vinyl, printed vinyl fades over time (vehicle wrap companies agree that, on average, vehicle wraps last about five years).

Cut vinyl takes different colors of vinyl, cuts it to the appropriate shape, and layers the separate pieces on top of each other. This process creates a clean professional look that won’t fade over time. However, it can limit details and the amount of colors.

Because UVU was using only three colors, Alexander’s suggested using cut vinyl for the wrap.

Before beginning the wrapping process, the old vinyl wrap had to be removed.


Then, Alexander’s began to apply the new vinyl. Here, you can see halfway through the process. The bottom layer (black) and part of the middle layer (white) have already been applied.


The completed wrap adds the green layer over the white layer for a beautiful, clean look.



Are you looking to update your vehicle wrap? Interested in creating an eye-catching marketing vehicle that’s right for you? We’ll help you find a design you love, and recommend the process that is best for you.



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