On the average printer, white isn’t possible to print. Instead, white is made by not printing on the paper. In these instances, white is the absence of ink, rather than the placement of it.

However, here at Alexander’s Print Advantage, instead of leaving the paper blank, our Indigo printers can set down a layer of white ink.

When printing on a white substrate, such as white paper, white ink is unnecessary and not recommended. However, we highly recommend white ink for the following…

Print On Colored Substrates

The biggest benefit of white ink printing is the ability to print white on various substrates. Imagine printing your design in white ink on wood, metal, glass, and more! Regular home or office printers would leave the background blank, meaning the color of the substrate would replace the white. However, with our Indigo printers, we can set a layer of white ink on your project to make it pop.

In addition, when colored inks are layered on top of the white ink when printing on these colored substrates, the colors appear clearer, brighter, and cleaner.

Fold Colored Substrates

Though printers can print any color on white paper, the fact remains that the paper is white. If you are creating a project that requires folding, the white paper may show through on those folds. If you need a dark project to look professional along the folds, it may be better to print white on a dark substrate to keep your project looking sharp and tidy.

For Example

The below business cards do not require folding, nor are they on a unique substrate. Therefore, for cost efficiency, they have been printed with colored ink on white paper.


However, for these below business cards, we printed on a thin wood substrate. To really make the design and information pop, we printed with white ink.


What Can You Do With White Ink?

Anything you like! Our most common white ink projects are business cards and wedding invitations because white ink looks professional and classy.

If you have questions about whether or not white ink is ideal for your next printed project, contact us! We’ll help you choose what’s best for you, your project, and your budget.




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