Summer has hit full force, which means I am seeing more and more wedding invites on my fridge. As a printing company we gets lots of clients coming in to print announcements, whether it’s baby announcements, graduation announcements or wedding invitations; we do it all. However, Alexander’s capabilities aren’t just limited to helping you announce your big day, or event. We can actually help you plan and execute some of the key logistics.

You may think, well what can a print and marketing company do to help me plan my wedding? We’ve found that often brides or wedding planners will come to us to print announcements, and later on they return, realizing we can do more to help with their big day. So, before you begin planning, consider adding the following elements to your checklist:

Print Consulting

Our experienced print and marketing consultants can meet with you, show you samples of announcements, gift boxes, and more to get you thinking about what you want for your special day. Meeting with a consultant to help you on all the printed elements of your big day can help maintain color and style consistency, so that your printed materials match your wedding colors and feel.


Whether it’s a double-sided card announcement, or a multi-piece invitation, we have countless options when it comes to design and materials. Recently we worked with a bride who needed the ability to sort her guest list. Some guests would be invited to attend the ceremony, wedding luncheon and the reception, but others would only be attending one of the three. We created a folded announcement with a pocket for different inserts depending on which element of the wedding the guest would be attending. This allowed her to sort her guests accordingly.

Reception Collateral

There are so many small elements to a wedding that can get overlooked until the last minute. We’re here to help you with those things right from the start. Some of these details may include personalized photo books for the reception guests to sign, or personalized name tags for dinner guests.
Alexander’s has a team of print professionals that will print and assemble any materials you need. Maybe you have wedding favors that you want packaged in personalized boxes or wrapped with printed tags for the guests. We can complete those steps for you so you don’t have bridesmaids tying ribbon onto gift boxes at midnight before the reception.

Online Event Integration

Now that we live in a world full of technology and social media, many couples choose to do their guest lists online or create a custom website for their big day. Our marketing and technology teams can create a personalized website to help you manage your guest list, share your love story with guests and even post and manage event photos.

Whatever you choose to do on your big day, we can make sure you get all the printed and digital materials you want without the stress. Contact us today if we can help you get ready for your big day.

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