What’s the Big Deal with Digital Printing?

"Big Deal" is actually a very apt way to describe digital printing. With all the benefits digital printing has to offer, it's no wonder that so many people are opting for digital printing compared to offset printing.


Unlike offset presses, digital presses have minimal set-up. By reading digital files, digital presses can do same-day print runs. And, because the ink of a digital printer is dry by the time it comes off the press, the project is ready to cut, fold, bind, and/or ship. Alexander's Print Advantage provides this all in-house, meaning fast turnaround times so that you can get your project in your hands even with a tight deadline.


Need to update a brochure or make last minute changes to that pamphlet? No problem. With digital printing, it's easy to update files to match your specifications. Add that to the fact that digital printing provides you with high quality images, and you can cut down on the cost and waste of reprints associated with offset presses.


Many people believe that digital printing is expensive compared to offset printing, but that isn't entirely true. Offset presses charge expensive set-up fees. Once set up, the price of the product goes down with every piece printed. Meanwhile, digital printing does not have those same set-up fees, instead charging each piece at an equal base price.

This does mean that there is a window when digital printing becomes more expensive than offset printing. Therefore, if you are planning to print a job of several hundred thousand, it is more cost effective to go with an offset press. However, if you are printing a small run of 1-1,000 or so pieces, a digital press is more cost-effective. Print what you need, when you need it, and at an affordable price.


In today's world, for marketing to truly succeed, it needs a personal edge. Sending out 100,000 impersonal direct mail pieces to 100,000 random individuals isn't a guaranteed way to earn clients. Instead, marketers are turning more and more to personalized, direct marketing, where they perform short-run prints and focus on reaching an audience that, though smaller, is much more likely to be interested in their products - especially when that mail piece is personalized.

Personalizing direct mail and other content adds professionalism to marketing exploits, showing the potential client that they are recognized and known by the company as "Ms. Sarah Smith," rather than, "To Whom it May Concern" or "Dear Valued Customer." If you don't want your direct mail pieces ending up in the trash, it's time to ditch the "one and all" label and replace it with personalized information.

Such a thing would be impossible on an offset press, but because digital presses read information from an external file or database, variable information can be insert into headlines, text, and even images, allowing you print 1,000 things with the same format, but personalized information.

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  1. I like how the price of whatever I want to print goes down with every piece printed. I want to print a book of my grandparent's personal histories for everyone in the family. So I should find somewhere that offers digital printing to do it.
  2. There are a surprising number of benefits that you can get from digital printing. Because of that, it really does make sense that many businesses are switching over to that for their printing needs. After all, because digital printing is so fast, they can get more of what they need to print done faster.

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