What You Get When You Print With Alexander’s

Alexander's started out as a retail copy center, which worked very well for us for many years. Now, we offer high-quality print to many clients worldwide! These clients trust in our quality and services.


Unlike many other printers and web-to-print services, Alexander’s creates most of our products on-site. From design to creation to shipping, we do it all right here.

That means we have the ability to get our products going faster, saving you time. We have the capability of batching one day and shipping the next. For custom products, that's very impressive!

And because we work on-site, we create less room for error. We can perform quality checks on every product right here. Plus, fewer stops on the road means fewer chances that steps get skipped.


Staying on the edge is our goal at Alexander's. We're constantly looking to improve, which means we regularly provide you with the best technology in the business. This includes our MGI, our HP Indigo printers, and our fast new binders.

When we print your product, we carefully examine every item before it goes out to you. We want you to be satisfied with your books, photos, signs, and shirts. We're also quick to catch and fix any errors that do occur before they leave our facility.


Our automation has benefited large companies like Dentrix and with the wedding industry. Since growing out of our original print shop, we've acquired clients like:

That's to say nothing of our international clients! We work hard to maintain the long-term trust of our clients with open communication, quality products, and fast delivery.

Alexander's works hard to earn your business, whatever the product and whatever your need. Call us or visit today to learn what more we can do for you!

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