5 Ways to Use Digital Varnish and Foil for Marketing Products

Alexander’s is very proud of our MGI JETvarnish and iFOIL press, which helps our clients not just enhance, but finish their printed products with beautiful Digital Spot Varnish or Foil Advantage. From tiny business cards to signs and images as large as 29 X 20, Alexander’s fast, cost-effective services can help you finish whatever you print!

You may have heard a little about touch marketing and how it can maximize impact with your consumers and recipients. It’s good to see this in action as well, and learn how it can benefit you. These products show how digital varnish and foil enhance their marketing potential.


Business Cards

Adding varnish or foil to your business cards for touch marketing purposes can give your clients and recipients a positive attitude towards the card itself, and therefore to your business or service.

Also, textures can make potential consumers handle your card longer or return to touch it, which will strengthen the psychological link between them and the card. Using touch marketing can increase confidence as well—helping to build trust in your business and services.


Books, Journals, and Calendars


Touch marketing can also help you sell individual products. Not only will spot varnish or foil increase confidence and positivity, but it can cause consumers to gain “perceived ownership,” or the thought that they already possess your book or product. This increases the chance that they’ll buy it—especially on impulse. This is a great tool for indie designers or authors especially!


While some signs may not be as touchable as others, the visual effects of foil and varnish will enhance your design and draw a client’s or visitor’s attention to your brand and logo.

Compare the before and after of both the leaves and the pharaoh. Even though it’s not possible to touch either of these, the varnish on the leaves and the varying textures on the pharaoh draw the eye and make them stand out more memorably.



We’ve talked before about how we used both varnish and foil to give a huge “Thank You!” to our clients. Stickers are an easy way to reach clients or to enhance packaging for a product. The combination of foil and varnish especially is not only effective for design, but creates a double-whammy for client interest and touch marketing to keep their attention on your logo and product.


Invitations and Greeting Cards

The psychology of touch marketing works even for those who aren’t potential consumers, but someone closer to you. Let us add some varnish or foil—or both—to greeting cards and invitations for any event. With our ability to use variable data, you can even enhance the name of every member of your family for a personalized, deeply individual touch.

Your friends and family will not only remember the striking appearance of the card, but return to touch it more and more often, which strengthens a psychological bond between them and you. Even over the distances, you’ll be able to build those special relationships! Learn more about making your greeting cards special here.

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