ASI holds a daily show on YouTube, hosted by Product Editor Joe Haley. The episodes focus on promotional products all over the industry. This might include daily-use items like mugs, special travel items, and T-shirts.

Why focus on these kinds of items? Promotional items such as the above–and, we’d add, journals and other print collateral–are far more effective at marketing than even prime time TV. Their cost-per-impression and ROI is often much higher for businesses looking to promote their brand.

Alexander’s Journals

Today’s episode kicked off with our own spiral- or perfect-bound, MGI-finish journals! Joe mentions the utility of our journals and how wide our range of end users can be. It’s completely up to you where they go, making it easier for you to market and sell to your clients.

In the video, you can see our foil and varnish in action. It almost looks like you could touch it! That’s the beauty of touch marketing: finishes like this are nearly irresistible. Why wouldn’t you want that on your products?

Check out the video here:


If you’re interested in creating similar products with spectacular finishes, contact us today! We can help you design and build the perfect journal–or any item–for your business.


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