Creating Direct Mail Pieces in 2018

With a new year comes new campaigns! But if you're sticking to the same kinds of things you used in 2017, you're bound to see a drop in your response rates. We've got some tips for enhancing your direct mail pieces in 2018. Time to spice up your mailers!

Creative Folds

A flat postcard risks becoming static if there's no other reason to hold it. But if you fold up your mail piece, you'll find you get higher engagement out of it! Folding forces interaction with your direct mail piece, whether you have panels or multiple folds. Plus, with a fold, you can put so much more information on one mailer!

Enhanced Mail Pieces

Technology grows year after year, and if you aren't using it, you're missing out! And it's not just QR codes anymore. Find ways to let your customers use their mobile devices to get more out of your advertising piece.

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Now is not the time to fall back on the "easy" way out. Now is not the time to be boring! With so many other mail pieces out there, it's time to stand out. Use photos and images that fit your branding specifically. Try to stay away from stock photos that don't convey your message.

Also, make sure you use plenty of color. Whether you use your branding or just something eye-catching, the last thing you want to be is bland.

More than just images and color, see what you can do to enhance your design! For example, you might try a different shape. Or, with Alexander's, you can use digital spot varnish or foil to help your mailer stand above the rest.


Your mail piece's stock may be among the most effective parts for customer engagement. The design will make your recipients look at it, but the paper will keep them holding it. Textured or heavier paper will incite interest in your customer's brain. This in turn influences memory and attachment to that mail piece. You'll outlast your competitors if you consider how to use paper to sell your brand.


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