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Between the self-published author and the traditional publishing company, both can agree on one thing: printed books are better! Alexander's can provide short printing runs for all of your publishing needs.

On-Site Book Printing

We create all of our books on-site. That means they get printed, bound, cut, and shipped right from our Lindon, UT facility. Whether you're a publishing house or a self-publishing author, that means you get your books sooner!


Any author needs ARCs (Advanced Reader/Review Copies)! These help you sell your final product to bookstores, get early reviews, build hype, and earn endorsements (i.e. quotes from other authors).

And Alexander's printing services are a great way to get them. Our smaller print runs are perfect for ARCs and other review copies.

We created this one for Shadow Mountain Publishing, giving them a gorgeous, professional-looking copy to send to potential buyers and reviewers.


The Final Print Run

You've got your ARC, your release date, and your buyers ready to go! Now all that's left is to order an initial print run with Alexander's!

These books come from Cedar Fort, Inc. They printed this book here to meet the needs of both their buyers and their first-time authors!

Our advice to small houses and self-published authors: don't print too many copies of your book if you don't have pre-orders. Printing smaller orders and tracking your sales gives you better results. And we'll always be here to print more for when you run low on your supply!

In fact, if you have printed with other companies before, but just need a few more copies to meet a quota, you can send your in-print book here. We'll get your order done quickly and neatly so you can meet your consumers' needs!

Ready to Print?

Go over our checklist for preparing to print your book with us!

Alexander's is a digital print shop that can provide you with the quantity of books you need when you need it. Contact us in the form below, and we'll help get your book in your hands.

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