Introducing our new Horizon SmartStacker! Alexander’s CTO Dan Mortimer goes over all the benefits this new machine brings to the arsenal of a commercial printing company.

Efficient Book Printing

We acquired this SmartStacker to keep up with the demand from some of our customers who had unusual book sizes. Unusual book and product sizes in general lead to smaller runs. Though Alexander’s specializes in small- to medium-sized print runs, some of these can lead to greater expense if some of the specs are unusual. This is because we have to change the settings on some of our machines between runs. In changing all those settings and sorting by hand, operators in the Alexander’s warehouse need to spend a lot of time on just one job. You can see this with our guillotine cutter in the video.

However, the SmartStacker can help any commercial printing company be more efficient! This machine allows us to cut and stack product pages, eliminating a time-costly step an operator would otherwise have to take.

Once the new machine has stacked those sheets, we can take them straight to binding. Thanks to the SmartStacker, Alexander’s can be more efficient at printing books, no matter the size. Saving time on this end gets you–and your customers–the finished books faster.

Horizon SmartStacker: a stacking machine that benefits any commercial printing company

A Wider Variety

Because of the SmartStacker, we can offer you–our customers–the chance to have wider variety in your book sizes. By eliminating some of these steps operators had to take, we’re making it easier for you to have shorter print runs of any book size!

Using different book sizes helps you stand out in your industry, no matter the size of your print run.

More Than Books

While the focus of this video is primarily on book printing–whether traditional or photo books like Chatbooks–we can use this SmartStacker on so much more! It helps us cut and stack invitations and greeting cards as well!

By continuing to innovate at our warehouse, Alexander’s grows more efficient than the average commercial printing company every day. In turn, we’re helping you become more efficient in your business!

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