How Christmas Would be Different Without Print

Would anything change if we celebrated the holiday season without print?

As the years go by, people rely more and more on electronics to communicate, and our Christmas lists show this. People want new phones, iPads, and computers. Print looks almost insignificant and meaningless in comparison. However, consider how different Christmas would be without print...

Christmas Cards

Though custom cards could still be made with pencil and paper, gorgeous printed holiday cards would not exist. Did you know each year more than 3 billion Christmas cards are sent in the U.S. alone? Without print, the mailbox and mantel would look much less cheerful.

Decorative Wrapping Paper

Wrapping presents just isn't the same if everyone is using the same brown paper. Polar bears and snowflakes, snowmen and santa, all those fun festive designs are impossible to have without print.


Without decorative wrapping paper, it would be tempting to put presents in gorgeous gift bags and fancy boxes. However, those designs and decorations are also impossible to have without print, meaning the colorful presents under the tree are now just a mound of boxes.

Additionally, consider how the packaging of your festive foods would be different: soda without labels, chocolates and treats served only in brown boxes. Print creates a festive atmosphere that goes almost unnoticed until it's gone.

Store Decorations

Though Christmas trees and tinsel could still decorate cash registers and window fronts, imagine how different Christmas would be without helpful signage pointing people to the latest discount or sale. Even those seasonal coupons we receive in the mail wouldn't be possible.

Price Tags

As much as we might not like looking at how much things cost, the fact remains that we need to know. Without price tags printed and attached to items, it would be almost impossible to window shop during the Christmas season.

Do you feel as if your Christmas is missing something? It might be print. If you'd like to send out custom designed Christmas cards, wrap with personalized wrapping paper, or make festive packaging contact us. We'll help make your holiday season festive.

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